Gossip Girl Season 4

Excuse me. I know it’s been a while, I’ve had what I actually don’t mind calling ‘writer’s block’, the external kind. The kind that’s most annoying, like “Why am I sitting in this room with this girl, she’s like quite literally staring at my back (and sometimes at my front) and it’s truly annoying being stalked by the present past who is, like, staring at my back (did I say that?okay).” Once I beat that with the classic (figurative),”You can’t sit with us!”, it was cool. So hey, the snob is back.

Also, I was writing about something-you’ll see later- when it mysteriously didn’t get published. That pissed me the fuck off, I had posting trauma for like, two days! Scary stuff, putting in so much effort just for shit to get deleted. Anyway I’m sick of writing about how the internet has been BETRAYING me (http://cigaretteincense.blogspot.com) so I’ll stop.

Ooh yesterday, my friend (who’s in he city for a month) and I texted about fashion and clothing and shoes and accessories and other girl stuff almost the whole fucking day! If you read my post about Spring you must know that this friend is actually a PERSON and not a season. Moving right along, I forgot that I could do that! Seriously, it’s fun. it’s like smoking an exclusive girl power/fashion joint! It’s a little evil army of terror candy-coated in prettiness, giggles and ‘oh my gosh, you won’t believe!’. Speaking of things that you oh my gosh won’t believe . . . Of course you won’t, because that kind of conversation is exclusive,duh! What you should know are that those things make us fucking crazy! The official, diagnosed kind, not that anyone ever notices. OCD and paranoia do just fine in society, hence the show Gossip Girl, oh and our lovely friends HELP us become crazy by letting us know we aren’t crazy,”Oh my gosh, I totally understand!”. It’s ironic, but it works. It’s something that makes us high maintenance, fast talking, fast thinking, bitch slapping Queen B’s instead of the doormat, do everything that you say,’does my ass look fat in this?’,walk all over me, annoying girls that guys with low self esteem like. See? Good. My best friend’s head is full of secrets and it’s inflating, she gets to minimize when she tells me though. See what I mean?

At Which Point Can I Say “FUCK THIS”?

This a story about a girl, a girl who went on a tedious journey for blogger freedom!

Okay, no it isn’t really, but it sorta is, okay.

So two days ago I started this blog ( or however many days ago it was) but more specifically, I found out that I could import posts from my TUMBLR ( http://dollgritedgecb.tumblr.com )! Isn’t that SOOOOO cool? Isn’t it? Yes, the idea, as in the theory is fucking-blogger-freedom-rad. This is the part that annoys the shit out me though, it’s the big

BUT . . .

Yeah, you see it actually doesn’t/didn’t work. I searched this option all over the net like a fucking FBI agent looking for a fugitive-con artist/terrorist/sexual sadist/serial satanic ritual killer or in brighter terms (not so much brighter) like a crazy fashionista (hate that word) looking for the perfect shoes to match her outfit before an important event. Also I happened to fit into the generation that has been diagnosed by society (or whoever) with whatever they call it when you have a short attention span, like quick fixes and cheap thrills, have the focus of a toddler with a too many toys and ants in his/her pants and is a social media junkie. Speaking of which, I should probably get to the fun part because someone in this ‘poor little generation’ will go to their Tumblr to check out studded denim shorts.

I found a whole lot of applications that’ll apparently do this Tumblr to WordPress thing FOR YOU, and by that they meant that I’d have to fiddle with codes, fiddle with my Tumblr and possibly fuck up both my blogs. I love how these techno-geeks think it’s that easy. I know a little about codes but honestly I can’t imagine what a site would look like just by looking at a CODE! I’m a blogger, not a site technician. Oh and then there were people who had my problem (nothing was working), and people whose posts were all confuzzled after the switch, broken links, duplicates and also,apparently search engines could possibly remove both blogs because of duplicates because they think you’re copying someone’s blog, so I’d have to edit my whole Tumblr as ‘private’ (so then who’s going to see it? Huh?).

There were the lucky few who were like, “Oh my gosh, I LOVE IT, it totally works”.

Did I say LUCKY FEW?

Some part of me is glad that these developers (of the app) haven’t worked their shit out because I really love my Tumblr, it’s frustrating losing your followers even for the better

(and with hit counters views!!!!!!!)

I’d rather not part with my lovely blog. I discovered what the issue really was through this brain wrenching journey. It’s that primary writer’s block you know, when you’re dealing with a blank page and a lot of thoughts or no thoughts at all or too many thoughts that translate into nothing. The hardest part is starting. You want to have a fantastic blog like, right NOW, and it’s annoying that it isn’t that simple.

I’m glad I went through that shitty process, all my Tumblr followers are going to have to cut me some slack. I’m a writer too!

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