One Of The Boys

One Of The Boys

Diamond Supply Co logo tee
400 ZAR –

Isabel marant blazer
10 275 ZAR –

The Row pull on pants
86 420 ZAR –

Michael Kors brown leather boots
1 090 ZAR –

The Cambridge Satchel Company leather backpack
2 580 ZAR –

MARC BY MARC JACOBS bracelet watch
2 560 ZAR –

Ippolita yellow gold ring
25 175 ZAR –

Betsey Johnson stud earrings
285 ZAR –

West Elm wall art
1 180 ZAR –

Summer Night Lounge

Summer Night Lounge

Dolce Gabbana leather bracelet jewelry
$360 –

Metal necklace

Bronze jewelry
$9.34 –

Provocative Army

Provocative Army

Bardot crop top
$45 –

SLY 010 pink bolero jacket
$720 –

Agent Provocateur clothing
$170 –

Short shorts

Kate Spade bags case

Coral and Shades

Coral and Shades

Monki photo shirt
$20 –

High waisted skirt

Luichiny lace up boots

Kate spade

Stila lip cosmetic

Maybelline mascara
$26 –

Chic Short Summer

Chic Short Summer

Alexander McQueen tailored jacket
$2,285 –

Isabel Marant suede western boots
$970 –

River Island chunky chain bracelet
$13 –

Stackable bracelet
$9.61 –

United nude
$1,115 –

Punk and not junk

Punk and not junk

Neon Hart crop tank
$21 –

Black high waisted skirt
$115 –

McQ by Alexander McQueen bangle bracelet
$115 –

Not Exactly New Year Stuff

So, remember that gorgeous blazer in my ‘New Year’s Resolution’ post? I wore it on New Year’s Eve, I took it off before the countdown but I wore it. All I have to do is buy or make another blazer, probably in a different colour (it’s black with gold buttons <3).

Anyway, you haven’t seen my (and my fiance’s) daughter, no I’m a 21-year-old with a kid, she’s a dog. Take a look . . ._DSC1170_DSC1177_DSC1178Isn’t she adorable? She’s a pure bred Doberman, extremely naughty and she loves running and tearing things apart, things she doesn’t like. She’s snobby that way. Also, she’s grown up a lot from these pics, now she’s all long-legged and hot, but still a puppy, we have good genes, haha.

Okay, that was random I know. I couldn’t resist! So getting on with it, the first new person I met this year was a hot red-head Asian girl named Cayleigh, she was with her boyfriend, Brendon, so they’re like the first new people I met this year! Yay! How cool. They’re from Canada, Hi Canada!!! Also random . . .

I’ve gotta meet cooler people this year, geez. I met some cool people last year but sometimes they did some really annoying things that made me think ‘Really now?’, but the coolest people are those that are really smart and funny, I mean you can just talk for a long time about something interesting and not be like ‘Are you going to go way now?’. I also met some shitty people who I still don’t like because they’re either really stupid or ghetto and they keep trying to copy me or be seen around me and that’s fucking lame, worse than that is they have fuck all to offer intellectually or entertainment wise. Bleh, maybe I should be less of bitch/snob but I can’t stand wasting my time talking to fucktards. By the way, another cool girl I met on NYE was Ilse/Else Novak, such a cool girl. She’s Polish and we spent a lot of time talking about like, everything, laughing hysterically and doing Polish and Russian imitations. I was asked to hook her up with some random, but she wasn’t interested and I figured he was douchey (He went on and on about a girl who he was talking to before because she was worth like, 3 billion bucks, and he said he had property in Birmingham which we (my fiance and I) thought was cool because that’s where Ozzy is from. Turns out his grandmother lives there, so technically it’s not his property and he lied, and the fact that he went on about the girl’s money and not the girl’s personality or pretty eyes or anything else was really pathetic, and then she said ‘She’s not even that pretty’- Asshole alert much?) so after all that, I decided ‘Why hook such a great girl up with a douche bag?’. Sorry bro, get it together.

Then there was Bianca, who designs a menswear label, very interesting company called Punk ‘n Ivy, based on nostalgia. Mmmm . . .

I should probably get to those Resolutions. I’ve accomplished one already, whoo hoo (the blogger one).

It’s 2013!

xoxo. The Snob.

Wood grain and the sky

Wood grain and the sky

$15 –

Cork heels
$640 –

Pull Bear spike ring
$13 –

Miso steel jewelry
$8.07 –

The Snob’s New Year’s Resolutions!

okay, first of all, how retarded is that phrase ‘New Year’s Resolutions’? Not ‘solutions’, ‘resolutions’. Strange, like oh again! Anyway, here are mine. Keep in mind, I’m like, talking to myself.

1. Work out, you lazy bitch! No seriously, working out is fun and the rewards are a hottter body so why the fuck aren’t you doing it? Huh?

2. Bottles are nice unless they’re filled with emotions. Stop it!

3. Stop wearing that gorgeous blazer with EVERY outfit, duh.

4. Wear those oxblood-red shoes, scared bitch!

5. Dance more, boring picky bitch!

6. Write more, uninspired bitch!

7. Don’t allow people to waste even a second of your lovely time, I mean really.

8. Shut up sometimes. (I’m a straightforward person, waiting for someone to get to the point simply bores me and then I’ll have another point and I realise they haven’t yet made a point, if I can do it so can you, but hey. Maybe I have to wait, yawn . . . Yay, let’s be positive)

9. Wear what you want to wear, it’s my body and my clothes not OURS!

10. Tame your criticism. It’s that getting to the point thing, I don’t like going around the bush and that pisses people off, weirdly enough. People like the cushioned blow which means you have to speak to everyone like they are pussy little girls with no self esteem and analyse everything you say, so “That top isn’t very flattering” has to turn into “Oh, the last time I saw you, you were wearing this pretty top, that style really looks good on you. And I love your pants!”- I don’t even think that bush is big enough for some people. Perhaps they should just accept that I’ll tell them straight.

11. Expand my blogger network. Bloggers can be so shy, I don’t know what it will take.

12. Love love love.

13. Make stuff. (more stuff)

14. Lookbook-my lookbook is gathering dust, so sad.

15. Take more photos.

16. Indulge in fashion like a squirrel with nuts!!!!!

I would say ‘stop bitching’ but usually when I bitch about something, it’s because that something needs to be bitched about so excuse me. Either way, I hope everyone has had a great year or at least an adventurous one filled with real shit because that’s what happens.

xoxo. The Snob.

Forest City Girl

Forest City Girl

Cut out back top

Zip coat

Carven relaxed fit pants


Bangle bracelet


Trina Turk engraved ring

This a look from Polyvore, I love that freaking site! How gorgeous are those shoes? I totally need them, I actually used to kinda hate green, until I realised I look great in the colour, haha. Also this orangey-red is so vibrant, it’ll perk up any outfit that consists of neutral colours.
xoxo. The Snob.