Welcome To My Clique, Spring!

I’ve kept you waiting haven’t I? Well so has Spring.

Spring is the girl who joins my clique every year, she goes on international vacations and sends me photos through Lookbook.nu, Fashion TV . . . pretty much everywhere. I just sit back in awe, letting her be her socialite self until she comes to my city and joins my clique.

She’s always welcome. This year, and for a while now, she’s been rocking up with her closet full of European fashion trends- pastel colours, tribal patterns, bold brights and new hemlines, except this time she’s totally wearing sheer and cut-outs everywhere, has these new platform cut-out wedges and ‘oh my gosh’ she’s totally making tailored the new sexy. Forget mini-skirts and what not, she’s wearing her  fancy lingerie under her sheer mid-calf length dress. Basically she’s almost naked but she’s making it classy. No bandage dress,no platform stilettos, no obvious, obnoxious display of trashy sexuality, she wants you to read between the lines. Bright, candy-coloured nail polish? She doesn’t really care, you can feel any way/colour in Spring.

Don’t forget she’s a total social butterfly, she’ll be a reggae-loving hippy and a hardcore punk in one day, she’ll headbang, skank and boogie or sway when the time is right. She might be hung over  and cranky in the heat of the morning, but her iced (alcohol infused) coffee or tea will snap her back to bubbly BFF. She dresses up to everywhere because everyday is a fashion show and you only live once, at least show off that style and hot bod while you’re willing to (while you CAN is a different fat and desperate story, she’s not planning to get fat).

Speaking of hot bods and not ever getting fat- this chick is fucking serious when it comes to the art of ‘show off’. First of all, she doesn’t ‘show off’ anything that’s fat, undertoned or unshaved or un-exfoliated. While she’s in Europe and the US, I  tone, starve (haha yeah right) and groom like a completely self-obsessed Moor- as in dipilitating pretty much everyday, exfoliating pretty much everyday and getting used to leaves, light pastas and sparkling wines or vodka as meals. They’ll be lots of hang outs where these things are staple ‘foods’ and she’ll let us keep our fuck off/fuck that/hung over attitude while still being a great person to have in company.

Man! I love Spring! Totally high maintenance, totally stylish, totally frank, social and bubbly and obviously hot as fuck. Higher your standards everyone- My Spring betch is here!!!

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Knock-knock, It’s Spring!


No really, it’s a mix between “SHIT” and “YAY” for a girl, well for a girl like me. Honestly, I don’t have to be like,’SHHIIIT!’ but it’s fun.

It’s been a cold ass Winter, it freaking snowed in Johannesburg when we thought Winter was over. Winter was like, “Those shorts? Oh no you don’t”. Anyway, Winter doesn’t exactly have the best social etiquette, she’s the bitch that never wants to go out and wants you to wear your coat indoors. In fact, she wants you to wear your stockings under your high-waisted pants making it ever so hard to pee. And for a girl like me who must’ve descended from a strange breed of lizard-humans, having cold hands that need to be in pockets or gloves or something ALL THE FUCKING TIME. It’s that time that you cringe when you have to put ice in your drink but you know you can’t stand to have a luke warm (double,hehe) vodka and cranberry juice. She leaves us poor smokers outside (street side) of a restaurant, putting our hands over the candle on the table, shivering in a spot where it takes forever for the waitron to get to you because they’re all inside where it’s warm. Oh yeah and then there’s that long walk inside to the bathroom when I already have to tug on the million layers of my attire just to piss. Did I mention the long walk . . . With heels and buckling knees? Maybe that’s why Anna Wintour’s  last name rhymes with ‘WINTER’, because she’s a stocking-wearing-fur coat-wearing-acquired-social snob with a half-smile.

Then there’s the hobo-looking-hoodie-wearing-bunch of man-children and well, the occasional gorgeous coats. Gorgeous coats and cuddling with my lovely BF (can I show off here? No? Damn) are officially the best things about Winter.

Moving on >Spring is here . . . Oh wait hold on.


I just feel like there’s way too much to say on my sort of ‘crushing on the new season in class’ that I actually have to send it a note to meet me at break time for an ice-cream chat. It’s like that new girl who you want to be friends with, she has great style and is so bubbly it’s ridiculous, and even though you might not have much in common, you know she’ll just brighten up your day. If you have no idea what I’m saying . . . I’m dedicating a whole other post to SPRING.


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