Excuse me while I slip into something NEW!

Yay, we’ve done it guys. We’ve reached those last few days of the year.

I don’t think anyone is really like, “Oh my gosh, I can’t wait until the end of the year!” but either way, it’s somewhat exciting. What was with the people who thought the end of the world was a few days ago? That just showed us who the gullible, stupid and easily swayed people are among us, didn’t it? You can probably tell those people that the sky is falling and they’ll gasp and believe you. Weird.

Also, my body decided to force feed me a cold, my nose and throat started acting up just before Christmas, not that I care about that specifically, just that I couldn’t go out days before everything closed and the city became something like a dark town without me painting the walls red. Not fair. With all that being said, I still got to have some nice quality time with the one person I always talk to on purpose, haha. Oh and Christmas, bleh, for me and a lot of other people it’s like having an Oscar night when you didn’t even watch any movies this year. Commercial storm.

So, the new shit. A snob always has to have something new right? First of all, I’m changing my blog theme pretty soon, it’s not WIDE enough and since I adore the look of my other blog – Cigarette Incense – I’m thinking that same minimal thing just fucking works and so, why not? (I’d like to space this out but the spaces are SOOO BIG!) Second, major style change. I do this kinda thing every 6 months if I have the time, it’s also just natural because I have like mental ADD and I can’t keep looking in the mirror and seeing the same thing. I have to excite myself, how weird? But yeah, there is no way I’m having the same ‘look’ forever. I’ve been blowing up Polyvore, making lookbooks etc, I shared that with you! You can comment! Please comment, I don’t bite, even if I do I can’t exactly bite you through your screen!! Another thing, wait for it . . . My hair. Oh what a touchy subject (gasp), no really, it’s loose right now and everyone’s like “It’s so pretty”, which I appreciate, it’s just the thickest stuff you’ll ever touch. If you want to be pissed off in a flash or a mental and physical workout, just try combing, brushing, blow-drying my hair into submission. She’ll tell you straight, to fuck off. When I get my hair professionally done, I hear heavy sighs and grunts from hair stylists. I always warn them beforehand (literally) but they never get it until my hair whispers to them “Hey, I’m a bitch”, that bitch is responsible for a broken nail and a destroyed manicure which happened in the same hour (and the stylist had gloves on). See what I mean? So like, blow out? Straighten? Braid? SHAVE? I’m not about to be a snob with dreadlocks.

I figured, I should put my face here. Outfit posts and more event posts, and stuff I make and my lookbook is gathering dust! Okay, just so you know, I like to say ‘and’, I know it seems like I’m retarded or can’t make sentences, it just sounds like everything is accumulating, which I like. Try it sometime.

I’ll be posting a New Year’s Resolution List! Yes, I will. It’s more like a ‘To-Not-Do’ list for most people unless you form those habits early and guess what? You have accomplished your goals. If my February, you’re still eating those fries, pulling that face when you see someone you don’t like, then forget, you’re probably great just the way you are!

To my WordPress family, hope you guys had a stunning year. Cutest, talented and most welcoming individuals.

Oh mu gosh, I didn’t shit on anyone in this post! You just wait.

xx. The Snob