Why Spending Time Analyzing Yourself Is One of the Best Things You Can Do

This is genuine. Analyzing and accepting the things you like about yourself and not just beating yourself up about your flaws, which we tend to do all too often. 🙂

Thought Catalog

“Hi, my name is ____, and I’m a huge flirt. This is working against me. It makes men feel small, teased, and insignificant. It makes women dislike me and think I’m a ‘slut’ (which, I’m actually very much the opposite of), or else ‘boyfriend stealing,’ as I sometimes flirt with those that are…err…‘taken’. The problem is, I don’t always realize that I’m flirting. It’s kind of as natural as breathing, which sounds stupid. I do not know how to talk to men without being flirtatious. It’s the only comfortable way I know how. No one knows if I’m really interested or just being, you know, me. Men think I’m uninterested because I show general interest in everyone. Sometimes they need assurance and I don’t know how to show them that. My body language does a lot of the talking. It won’t shut up. It’s embarrassing for me. I don’t…

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