Coral and Shades

Coral and Shades

Monki photo shirt
$20 –

High waisted skirt

Luichiny lace up boots

Kate spade

Stila lip cosmetic

Maybelline mascara
$26 –

Chic Short Summer

Chic Short Summer

Alexander McQueen tailored jacket
$2,285 –

Isabel Marant suede western boots
$970 –

River Island chunky chain bracelet
$13 –

Stackable bracelet
$9.61 –

United nude
$1,115 –

Punk and not junk

Punk and not junk

Neon Hart crop tank
$21 –

Black high waisted skirt
$115 –

McQ by Alexander McQueen bangle bracelet
$115 –

Not Exactly New Year Stuff

So, remember that gorgeous blazer in my ‘New Year’s Resolution’ post? I wore it on New Year’s Eve, I took it off before the countdown but I wore it. All I have to do is buy or make another blazer, probably in a different colour (it’s black with gold buttons <3).

Anyway, you haven’t seen my (and my fiance’s) daughter, no I’m a 21-year-old with a kid, she’s a dog. Take a look . . ._DSC1170_DSC1177_DSC1178Isn’t she adorable? She’s a pure bred Doberman, extremely naughty and she loves running and tearing things apart, things she doesn’t like. She’s snobby that way. Also, she’s grown up a lot from these pics, now she’s all long-legged and hot, but still a puppy, we have good genes, haha.

Okay, that was random I know. I couldn’t resist! So getting on with it, the first new person I met this year was a hot red-head Asian girl named Cayleigh, she was with her boyfriend, Brendon, so they’re like the first new people I met this year! Yay! How cool. They’re from Canada, Hi Canada!!! Also random . . .

I’ve gotta meet cooler people this year, geez. I met some cool people last year but sometimes they did some really annoying things that made me think ‘Really now?’, but the coolest people are those that are really smart and funny, I mean you can just talk for a long time about something interesting and not be like ‘Are you going to go way now?’. I also met some shitty people who I still don’t like because they’re either really stupid or ghetto and they keep trying to copy me or be seen around me and that’s fucking lame, worse than that is they have fuck all to offer intellectually or entertainment wise. Bleh, maybe I should be less of bitch/snob but I can’t stand wasting my time talking to fucktards. By the way, another cool girl I met on NYE was Ilse/Else Novak, such a cool girl. She’s Polish and we spent a lot of time talking about like, everything, laughing hysterically and doing Polish and Russian imitations. I was asked to hook her up with some random, but she wasn’t interested and I figured he was douchey (He went on and on about a girl who he was talking to before because she was worth like, 3 billion bucks, and he said he had property in Birmingham which we (my fiance and I) thought was cool because that’s where Ozzy is from. Turns out his grandmother lives there, so technically it’s not his property and he lied, and the fact that he went on about the girl’s money and not the girl’s personality or pretty eyes or anything else was really pathetic, and then she said ‘She’s not even that pretty’- Asshole alert much?) so after all that, I decided ‘Why hook such a great girl up with a douche bag?’. Sorry bro, get it together.

Then there was Bianca, who designs a menswear label, very interesting company called Punk ‘n Ivy, based on nostalgia. Mmmm . . .

I should probably get to those Resolutions. I’ve accomplished one already, whoo hoo (the blogger one).

It’s 2013!

xoxo. The Snob.