Well then . . .

Okay, it’s Saturday afternoon and I took it upon myself to type this post outside in my ‘Zen garden‘.

I could get used to this and that’s because I feel like I have too much to do indoors-a desk,a sewing machine and the lovely things I think of making (NOW),my phone that flicks this mostly annoying red light ( I guess that’s what you’re meant to do-Blackberry), the thoughts- “Am I hungry? Nah I’m not . . . Am I thirsty? sigh yes. I’m going to get  a drink . . . just now. Fuck, when I’m done with this!”- which of course takes forever to get done,with all the distractions it takes (to ignore) to actually get this THING DONE!!!


Oh by the way, for some reason my eye just keeps watering! ONLY ONE! I’m like Brooke from Days of Our Lives who only cries from one eye, except that I’m not crying. So I look like an emotional rhe-tard who cries all the time for like everything and nothing. Like yesterday morning while watering the lawn, I’m like  ‘crying’ like some vegan-fucking hippy who loves nature. Don’t get me wrong- I love nature – but I like pretty gardens that I can ‘meditate’ and throw fancy hangouts in even more (shit. Maybe I am a hippy . . . deep deep deep deep deep deeep deeeeeep DEEEEEEP down inside? Did I say ‘meditate’)

Anyway, in the news today:

Lindsey Lohan tries her trademark ‘side boob’ look, only this time it doesn’t work. Like she totally needs a bra or a bikini or a breast lift or a jacket! I think I’m leaning towards go back home jacket. After all, she is my (and many other girls’) favourite bisexual drug slime girl!

Mmmmm what else? uhhhh I’m pretty sure there are things more important to tell – There is CNN for that, so you’ll probably be there next if you’re interested.

For now I’ going to go into deep thought about what colour I should paint my nails, debate the possible fact that Lindz has no bras left (stolen by druggie fans/friends to sell on ebay), check out some fashion theories and disprove them (Yes, it’s severe and also brilliant) and . . . Well I’ll be back later.


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